How To Write A Winning Admission Essay: Tips From Experts

As you get ready to apply for universities, writing the admissions essay can be one of the most difficult parts of the application. For starters, it is a different kind of essay than you are used to writing because you are trying to sell yourself in it. What ordinarily makes a good essay for your classes will not necessarily make a good admissions essay.

Follow these tips from experts to write an admissions essay that is sure to help you get into your school of choice:

Be sure to answer the question they’re asking

While most admissions applications give a pretty broad topic for the personal statement portion, make sure that you are actually answering what they are asking. Because the prompts are so broad you can tie in pretty much anything you might want to write about, just be sure to frame it in the write way to make it relevant.

Find a way to tie in a meaningful anecdote about yourself

One of the major objectives of an application essay is to let them get to know you and to convince them that you would be a good addition to their institution. Incorporating an anecdote about yourself will help them to understand where you come from and what kind of person you are. And, because they’ll be reading thousands of these essays, it will help to make yours stand out.

Make it personal but do not over-share

One mistake that people tend to do when talking about themselves is to over-share. While it is important to be honest about yourself, don’t be afraid to airbrush it a bit.

Find a way to tie in your future plans

Even if you are writing mostly about the past, be sure to find a way to tie in your future plans. In addition to showing the reader that you’d be a good fit for their university now, you also want to show them that you will be an asset to them even after you’ve graduated. Talking about your future plans also shows that you are ambitious and focused.

Use it as an opportunity to showcase your writing ability

One of the things that admissions readers are looking for is how well you can write. So be sure to edit your essay carefully to make sure that it is well written and free of errors.

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