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Personal Essay Definition

The personal essay required as part of the College application process is sometimes referred to as a personal statement or personal statement essay. This essay has become the ultimate source of stress and anxiety for most applying students.

The main objective of a personal essay is to let the applications committee know who you are, why you should be granted admission to the program, and what you can contribute to the College.

If you are looking for information on how to write a personal essay for College, you have come to the right place. This short manual will provide you with the basics to write your own essay.

Ideas For a Personal Essay

What to include in your personal essay and how to word your content? The best place to start is with a list of the common options that are given to you for most College personal essays. As you read through the following points, ideas will come to you. You only need to choose one of the following points and expound upon it. Make sure you are taking notes:

  1. Think of a consequential experience, achievement, risk or dilemma that you have taken or faced.
    • Evaluate. Do not just describe; give meaningful input on how this event changed your life.
    • Use critical thinking in your evaluation.
    • Show introspection, self-awareness, self-evaluation.
  2. Think of an issue that concerns you. This could be personal, national, international, or even in your local community.
    • Discuss the issue and why it concerns you.
    • Highlight what is important to you and why.
    • Show your character, talents, feelings and abilities.
  3. Think of a person who has had a significant influence upon your life.
    • Analyze that influence. This is deeper than mere description.
    • This influence does not need to be positive to make a good personal essay. It needs to be profound.
  4. Think of some things in your personal life or experience that enriches the idea of “diversity.”
    • Does not have to be race or ethnic diversity, although they can be part of the mix.
    • How has your life been made rich through diversity?
    • How can you contribute a richness of diversity to the College?
  5. A topic of your choice. Be careful choosing your own personal essay topic. It may be a good idea to consult a teacher or student who has experience in this area.
  6. Personal essay topics for high school students may have more restrictions, depending on the assignment given by the teacher. If the topics are left to your choice, then using the points above would adequately assist you in choosing an appropriate topic.

Personal Essay Format

It is essential to get the format of your personal essay just right. There are several points to follow when writing your personal essay. MBA essays are even more crucial when following formatting preferences because the MBA program is one of the most competitive there is. Every single thing you can do on your essay, big or small, is worth doing perfectly so that you come out on top of all the other applicants. Here are the format guidelines:

  1. The most important format rule to follow is this: If your College requires certain formatting, follow it perfectly.
  2. Follow professional referencing styles if references are used.
  3. Use basic format structure such as: Compelling opening paragraph, body of essay, memorable summary or conclusion.

Personal Essay Outline

A good outline for your personal essay is like a good foundation for a house. You can use the framework of the outline to complete the entire essay. It helps to keep you on track and cover the essential parts. Here are the steps to making a good outline:

  1. Decide on an attention-getting title.
  2. The introduction.
  3. Identify 2-3 main headings.
  4. Break down each main heading into 3 or 4 sub-headings.
  5. Sort all of your information, notes, and ideas into each section. Some may fall under main headings; some under subheadings.
  6. You now have an outline that will help you write your essay in a logical order.
  7. Finally, wrap up the essay with a concluding paragraph that summarizes the main ideas.

Personal Essay Help

Sometimes a great manual is all that is needed to help you write a personal essay. However, if you still feel you could use some professional help to get a fabulous personal essay, you are certainly not alone.

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