How to write an admission essay for college: rules to be observed

When you are writing an admissions essay it is imperative that you adhere to the requirements. If an essay says to write about an influential person in your life and how they changed your life do not forget to mention the latter. Make sure you cover all points that are listed in the assignment. This is a common mistake.

If there is a word minimum for the essay but no maximum take caution. Do not write a seven thousand word paper when the minimum was set at five hundred words just to impress the reader. They will not be impressed.

Do not try and tell the reader about an experience or a person or location. Show them through your writing. Try and work in details that are sensory based so that the reader is literally transported to the event you are describing or sitting in your living room with your deceased uncle who taught you so many life lessons. This is a great way to showcase your writing skills without blatantly telling the reader that you can write well.

On that note it is also best to try and incorporate stories or events that will showcase the qualities and characteristics that you want the review board to find appealing. Their job is to see if you would make a good investment and addition to their academic institution. So use this essay to prove this to them.

Without vocabulary you can't talk, write, describe, converse, comprehend, etc.. This is a process which never stops and only expands enrolled at a university. A person continues to learn vocabulary all of their life, as you become older your effectiveness in mastering is less. As a small child, we each learn new words each day.

  • Every textbook includes a glossary in the back. Use this to your advantage and continue to review the words inside. This will increase your vocabulary while making it easier to understand the course material.
  • A dictionary is very useful not just for definitions of words but also for pronunciation keys. You don’t have to be a genius to figure out how to say certain words in the dictionary, or to learn their multiple meanings.
  • Try and add “5 new words” to your daily schedule. You may want to use the notes section of your planner to write down these words in case you forget how to properly use them.

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