The Essentials Of Successful Extended Essay Writing

An extended essay is a research paper that should be completed within the International Baccalaureate Programme. This academic work has a limit of 4000 words. A student can choose any topic related to IB Programme to write their paper about. To write a successful paper, it’s important to organize your work in a proper way.

Essential Tips for Composing an Extended Essay

  1. Choose your topic wisely.
  2. It’s advisable to pick the field that you understand well and select a particular question within this field that interests you. Remember that you’ll receive a particular instructor from among your teachers depending on your topic, so you may also choose your research area based on the teacher whom you want to advise you.

  3. Conduct a good study.
  4. You should start your research as soon as possible. Experts say that this assignment requires around forty-eight hours of work, so you shouldn’t postpone it on the last couple of days before the submission date. You’ll need to use different sources and methods depending on your topic, so approach your instructor for advice.

  5. Organize the structure of your paper.
  6. It’s recommended to outline your academic work before the start of the writing process. This way, it’ll be easier for you to meet the requirements of the 4000 word limit and remain the focus and smooth flow of your text.

  7. Write a good draft.
  8. Follow your outline composing your essay. Make sure that your introduction clearly formulates the purpose of your study and isn’t longer than two pages. In the body, you should describe how you’ve conducted your research and what results you’ve achieved. A conclusion should summarize your points and be no more than one page long.

  9. Edit your draft thoroughly.
  10. You should make sure that your text doesn’t contain any mistakes and that your message is conveyed clearly through your writing. If your draft is longer than 4000 words, you should shorten it. A desirable length is 3000-3500 words.

Formatting Your Paper

An extended essay should have a particular format. It should start with a title page where the name of the author and other important information is indicated. Then, there should be an abstract, a brief summary of an entire paper. An abstract is followed by the contents page. Then, you should include the main body of your paper. Lastly, you should create a bibliography where all your sources are mentioned.

Consult your instructor on the font type that you should use and other details that you aren’t sure about.

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