How To Find The Best College Application Format Essay Examples

The essay part of the college admissions form is designed to provide the admissions committee a look into who you are as a person. It is designed to convey messages that test scores, exam results or even letters of recommendation cannot convey. It is, therefore, very important to research and think through your direction of attack thoroughly before you start writing.

Below is a list of resources where you can find an appropriate example of a college application Essay:

  1. Ask your relatives
  2. A college application is a seminal moment in a person’s life so it is highly likely that whoever applies keeps copies of their applications. Ask your college educated parents, siblings, uncle, aunts and even neighbors. They must have gone through the same application nightmare and will be more than happy to help.

  3. Ask your friends
  4. Your classmates and friends will also be going through the same process and may also be looking for a hint or two. Ask and ye shall receive! Ask your friends their impressions of you. Implore them to give you an honest assessment. Take the positives and introduce them into your writing. Take the negatives on the chin and learn from them. Avoid including the negatives in your writing.

  5. Look on the internet
  6. The internet has many resources available through which you can find examples. Search the public search engines with appropriate search terms, including the college you are applying to and the topics on which you think you should be writing. You will get a wealth of information this way. The samples will be numerous and may even be only slightly related to what you are going to write about but reading through them will give you not only a fair idea about how to write your essay but also how to avoid the many pitfalls as evidenced in the samples you have found.

    If you are looking for a more polished and professional letter, there are many highly recommended services available online that will either provide you with sample pieces or a fully written letter as desired by you. This, of course, will look great on your application but you will have to ask yourself the question whether a letter written by a professional is truly a full reflection of you or just some fancy turn of phrase by a talented stranger. Good luck!

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