How To Come Up With Intriguing College Application Essay Topics

No “Right” or “Wrong”

When it comes to college application essays, there are no “right” or “wrong” topics. The most essential facet, the one that’ll make you shine, is to show the reader an intriguing, engaging glimpse of you; who you are as an individual - outside the realms of academia.

What’s really meaningful to you? Something - beyond your education - that you think about daily; would work towards, if money was no consideration? Write about that. Write with enthusiasm. Sincerity counts!

Hook ‘Em!

Over the course of admissions season, the average college admissions officer may read hundreds if not thousands of student essays. You need to snare their attention, just enough to stand out in their mind, and your best hope of doing so is to find yourself a “hook”!

  • Perhaps, open with an unusual introduction to yourself. Be genuinely honest. Genuine honesty is fresh and endearing. Like spontaneous laughter, honesty is unexpected, friendly and tends to level the playing field, as it were, bringing all involved a bit closer.
  • Do you have an unusual take on a subject that Man (or, just you) has grappled with over the aeons? Present your viewpoint with verve, familiarity and insight. Fear not! Be original. These are your thoughts, your observations which have fomented over time in the rich and fertile landscape of your mind. Dare to share.
  • Do Buckminster Fuller one better - discourse on your own Theory of Everything!


Anecdotal evidence is always helpful when presenting your case.

  • Illustrate through an intriguing experience or narrative that you’re in the course of living a riveting, introspective or even blood-tingling life.
  • Be descriptive (but don’t go overboard - lot’s can be said for leaving something to the reader’s imagination!) and be tactile.
  • Really share your experience with the reader.

Show Some Moxie, Already!

College admissions officers are often interested in the kind of positive risk-taking vitality you’d bring to the school.

  • Was there a time when you dug deep within yourself for the moxie to step outside your comfort zone, resulting in your doing something completely not you? Write about it in such a way that the reader gets a little knot in her stomach!
  • Share an experience or idea you’ve had you find logically captivating or where creativity saved the day. Creativity matters. Prove that point through an instance in your life when it came into play in a truly vital way.

If I Were in Your Shoes

Come at your subject matter from the viewpoint of admissions at a scrupulously selective liberal arts college.

  • The choice is yours from among a group of splendid candidates.
  • Besides their brilliant scholastics, what one attribute would you find to be essential in making your choice?
  • Why?

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