How to write a great college admissions essay in an hour

Your college essay becomes a pivotal concern once you clear the GPA and the entrance test criteria. If you have an average track record, then your admission essay can be a significant factor between your acceptance and rejection in the college. Therefore, it is worth investing your time in writing a meaningful and a comprehensive admission essay. If you know the basics of such admission essay, then writing it would not take more than an hour.

Tips for Writing a Great College Admission Essay in an Hour:

Following is a brief account of some tips that are critical in writing a good admission essay:

  • Be sure about what you are aiming at – The writing style and the tone of the admission essays are very different from other traditional essays. A good tip can also be to read some sample admission essays which you can easily search on the web. Take out the critical points which clearly point out your aims and objectives. Don’t invest too much of time in reading the sample essays. Quickly filter out a couple of good essays which can help you in creating your own unique masterpiece.
  • Try to be Yourself – The essay is basically aimed at convincing the admission officers who want to judge through your essay that who you are and what you are looking for. Therefore, express yourself and your objectives as clearly and precisely as possible. You should briefly analyze your personality traits, past experiences and past grades, which can greatly influence any admissions officer. This is the best place where you can show off your skills and past good scores. Honesty and integrity is also pivotal which can influence your admission decision big time. So be sure that everything you write is correct to the best of your knowledge.
  • Include a Story in your Essay – If you analyze the admission essays of others, you will realize that each one of them narrated a special story or a life even in their essay which influenced their life and became a reason for pursuing a particular field of study. Think of something relevant that you have experienced in the past and then relate that to your current perspective.
  • Start Strong – The start of your essay should be very strong and it should engage the admission officer to read your essay till the end. The idea is to be right in action from the start. Try to write to the point from the start and there should be no useless content which could distract the reader.

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