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Application essays for college are such an important part of the application to your chosen program. When the entire decision of your acceptance is riding upon a superb essay, do not leave it in the hands of an unskilled or inexperienced writer.

There are so many websites online that have sprung up, claiming to give students help with college application essays. Some of them are legitimate, but it can be so difficult to weed through the ones that are deceptive or dubious.

To start out with, it would be helpful to know some essential characteristics of a winning college application paper. Armed with this knowledge, you will be able to make a good decision as to who you want to help you write your paper.

5 Essential Characteristics of a College Application Essay:

  1. Perfect spelling, punctuation and grammar. This is the part that always makes the first impression. An essay that is fraught with mistakes makes the reading very awkward. Avoid this at all costs. It is so common to see these mistakes! However, if you have access to some good college application essay help, these mistakes are easily deflected.
  2. Our essay writers speak English as a first language and their writing mechanics are immaculate. With one of our essays you will never have to worry about mistakes.

  3. Smooth flow of language. When your essay is smoothly written and one idea naturally leads to another, it makes for a very interesting and memorable read.
  4. The right amount of personality. Your essay should be like an extension of you. The application committee is looking for information that will help them to get to know you better. They do not want you to focus on all your weaknesses; they do want to hear of your accomplishments and your goals for your education.
  5. The writer you choose to help you with your application essay writing will know just how to get the right amount of personal information into your essay, in exactly the right balance. Our writers will make sure your essay is completely customized for you as an individual.

  6. A little bit of humor. Your essay will have a lot of serious writing in it. The committee is reading hundreds or even thousands of similar essays. A little bit of humor that is not taken too far can add that little bit of spice which makes your essay memorable. You want it to stand out above all the others!
  7. Your character and personal qualities. Shine a little light on your citizenship. Are you a good, trustworthy person? How would you be of service to their campus? Will you be a great addition?
  8. With all of the requirements you have to meet in writing your essay, you could be left feeling discouraged or frustrated. That is not necessary. At we can give you exactly the kind of college application essay help that you need to produce a winning essay.

    If you are still not sure about how your custom essay will look when it is finished, we have free sample college application essays that you can look at.

    We guarantee that you will receive a custom-written essay that is all about you and written expressly for you. We do not give you a universal college application essay that is merely a copy of someone else’s essay.

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