How To Write A Good Essay For College Application In One Hour

Once you successfully pass test score criteria for a college, college admission essay is considered as the most important element for admission. If you are not a topper in test score, writing a stellar essay can make the huge difference. So, it's wise putting time and effort to write a good essay.

Many of the students do not know how to begin with writing college essays in just one hour of time. Here are four tips help to get you started.

  • What You Are Aiming For
  • The writing tone for a college essay is quite different from most other essays you write in school/ college. Students are not sure what to write in their college application essays.

    When you have to write essay in an hour, it needs to get the things quick. While writing essays in time bound manner, you should go prepare and the best remedy is to read essays written by successful applicants.

    There are several sources where you can find essays online. Books are available with college application essays and you can read out essays, how all these essays have been written.

    It is important to mention that you should not copy from someone else’s essay. If admission board found your essay copying from others essay, it does not make advantage to your side. While practice writing essays, you should set a time limit say in one hour. Compare your own masterpiece with other best essays written on same topic.

  • Speak About Yourself
  • Your essay carries a prominent position in your college application. Essay helps you to put show them, who you are apart from the test scores or grades. It is wise writing an impressive essay to stand out your voice and personality.

    Before you just start writing, you should examine your beliefs, experiences, and personality. What do you love?

    If you are in a row of application with others also having similar test scores, you have to stand out, you can take some inputs from family or your friends before going to write essay.

    When start writing, it should be genuine, honest and vulnerable. Be wonderful and amazing while writing essay for college admission.

  • Tell Your Specific Story
  • When you start writing essay, one important aspect that needs to consider is tell your own story that should reflect your creative self.

    It needs to make balance between ‘scene’ and ‘summary’.

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