Tossing around ideas: how to write an essay for a scholarship

  • The usual Perception
  • It is usually thought that the universities require a certain criteria to be fulfilled in order for a candidate to be accepted. However, quite honestly the scholarship committee does not have excess time at hand to go through all the applications looking for a specific pattern so that a candidate can be short-listed.

  • It is an Open field!
  • What the committee tends to look for is an essay that arouses their curiosity about the capabilities of a candidate. A winning scholarship essay would include a perfect description of the candidate and their unique insight regarding their past, present life, and what they aspire to do in the future. Instead of skimming through other people’s essay and using their style to get the committee’s approval, it is better to find a way in which your own essay would stand unique when compared with the others. Bring out the individuality that is rooted in your personality onto that piece of paper.

  • Establish your mind-set first!
  • Whenever you have to face this challenge of proving yourself to the higher authorities always bear this in mind that this is an open opportunity for you to present yourself to the world beyond your boundaries. Display your talent. Prove your capabilities. Show them how proud you are of being yourself! Never be ashamed of who you are and what you plan on doing. Keep your past in mind and what you plan for your future is something that drives you in your present. Always have a plan and always present it. Who knows you might have an idea worth a Nobel Prize or in this matter worth the scholarship acceptance!

  • Take that paper out!
  • Read the instructions. Then read them again. Make sure you understand them well enough before you start writing. Go roughly first on how you will construct your essay and what you think you want to present. Make an outline and while writing the essay makes sure that, each detail that you have written in the essay is linked with the outline that you made. Do not go into never-ending details that will just tire the reader. Impress them with your achievements but do not show-off. Make sure there are not any grammatical errors because they can be a major turn-off for the first impression. In addition, yes, getting a second opinion would never hurt.

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