Where To Find Common Application Essay Examples: 5 Good Hints

Having an example of a common application essay can be a helpful tool. When you first write a style of paper that you have never written before, it is very helpful to read an example which will show you how to write it. You want to make sure that you find a good example. Knowing where to find the example is really important and can save you a lot of time and energy.

Here are five good hints on where to look for an essay example. You may want to choose a few just to make sure that you really understand what is expected of you. You will be surprised exactly how much you can learn from reading through some solid examples.

  1. Professional writers
  2. Professional writing companies usually display several different essays to promote their abilities. You can find an example of a common application essay. It is probably a good idea to check the sites credibility to make sure that you are choosing a good example.

  3. Freelance sites
  4. Some freelance writers will display their work as well. You can get a good sample for free from a freelance writer.

  5. Writing guide
  6. There are some guides that are written to teach you how to write different essays. They include samples in the text to show the writer how to write in this style.

  7. Online
  8. You can also obtain a copy of a common application essay online from many sites. You want to make sure that you check the credibility of the site that you chose. There are so many that won’t give you a good example to use as a guide. Get a few copies and compare to get a better understanding.

  9. College site
  10. This is a common college paper and you can likely find a copy of an example essay on a college website. They will usually include an example because they want your paper to be formatted correctly and they want your paper to be written correctly. When you have an example of what they expect, it will be easier to write and then they get back a paper that it acceptable.

There are some great uses for an essay example. Obtaining and reading through a few good samples will really make a huge difference in your grade and all of your future writing at that.

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