How To Write A College Admissions Essay About Yourself And Not To Overdo It 

College applications can be a stressful time for students and puts them under a lot of pressure because of everything that is riding on this paper. Many students fear and dread the application essay that comes with applying to the college of their dreams. Being prepared for this moment before it comes can really give you an edge. To help give you that edge, here are some pointers to keep in mind as you prepare your college application essay:

  • You aren't just talking about a topic, idea, or theme at surface value. You need to analyze and show great critical thinking skills as you discuss your chosen topic and explore the questions the committee wants you to answer. Be sure that you stay focused and critically think about the topic.

  • Be sure you are professional and writing everything at an academic level. Remember that the admissions team will make their decision about your application largely on the contents of that essay. This is often the only chance to make a good impression on the committee and impress them, so make sure your paper is the best that is can possibly be.

  • Plan ahead and budget your time wisely so you can get everything done. Do not wait till the last minute to write the paper. You need to do at least two revisions of the paper before turning it in. This way, you can be sure you catch errors and mistakes before turning it in and that the paper is the best that it can be!

  • Stay on track and your chosen topic is as strong as it can possibly be. Avoid topics like global warming, abortion, or hot political items, unless they directly relate to you, your topic, or your chosen career field. The admissions folks need to know more about you your hopes and your dreams- not read another research or persuasive paper.

  • You must be resourceful and consider the chosen topic carefully so you know the best way to approach it. Though the topic may seem obvious, you need to think of an alternative way to approach it so you can create a unique and original essay that is not the same ole same ole. Make sure this paper lets you shine and that you are able to sell yourself to the committee and argue why you belong in the program and why you would make a good addition to the program.

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