What to Do if You Can't Write Your Admission Essay

As we grow up we are taught many contradictory lessons. For instance, we are told we can do whatever we want, but often find roadblocks along the way. We learn that we must help those in need, but shy away from the helpless when approached. We are also told not to judge a book by its cover, but that you never get a second first impression. All of these lessons are correct, the key is finding a happy medium between these opposites. We must strive to overcome roadblocks, help people when we can safely assist and put our best foot forward for first impressions. Your admission essay will be one of the first impressions you make, which is important, but don't let the task become daunting. These tips will help you through the admissions essay writing process.

What Makes You Different?

Many admissions essays often start with a prompt, but some are left open ended for a subject of your choosing. Taking this into consideration, sit down and think about what makes you different? What does the organization or college of your choosing have to gain from granting you admission? Make a list of these things and highlight what you feel is most important. These accomplishments should not be details that will be found on your transcript or list of extracurriculars. The review board already has all of your technical information, but this is your chance to let your personality shine through. For instance, if you pride yourself on your athletic career may write a paper about the day you fell in love with sports, and how it has changed you as a person from that day forward. Presenting personal information in a more narrative format will help separate your admissions essay from another essay's laundry list of personal accomplishments.

Just Write!

You may feel lost and have no idea where to begin, but if you just begin writing whatever may come to mind, you will find your flow. Somewhere amongst your disorganized start, you will find a gem. This gem will be the lead for your paper. Pick and choose from your writing, but get the words out. The most difficult part of writing is getting started, and once you have accomplished that, your admissions essay can only get better.

Lastly, part of the admissions essay writing is drafting and editing. You will not write your best version of your admissions essay the first go around. When writing a personal essay, you will often find yourself midway through your essay, stumbling upon an even better direction for your admissions essay. Write multiple drafts and take the best of your writing from each, creating an unparalleled admissions essay. There is something unique about everyone, and highlighting these individualities will be attractive to any board of admissions!

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