10 Most Creative College Entrance Essay Topics

Essays have no doubt being the most influential part of our life and it will be so forever. You have developed all your skills of writing through it. From the most argumentative topics to the most descriptive, people have always felt the need for help in essay writing. It has helped us to acquire all the writing skills and develop them to the fullest. No one would want to have a deteriorated writing form factor. One must definitely practice this format of write up more often.

An entrance essay is the types of conceptual write ups that are given to a student while they are sitting for any entrance examination of college. You have to show the skills that you have developed throughout your livelihood. You need to write the essay in your admission procedure so that teachers can understand the capabilities you poses within yourself along with the ideas in you.

Top ten entrance essay topics:

The topics are needed to be quite unique and they should pose some extra though progressive ideas about the modern and the historic era. The students related to science are given to write on scientific advancements or developments. The students of arts are given to write on drawings and sculptures whereas the students of literature are to write on the vastness on the language.

  1. Which time in the future or the past would you want to spend your life and why?
  2. Talk about a film in your life where the protagonist has played an anti-government feeling and why have you liked him?
  3. What are the two most influential questions of your life and how do they drive you?
  4. Do you still think that there was a time in history when learning was just pure joy and not a burden? How would you like to be at that point of time?
  5. Suppose you would want one of your video to reach a view of one million in YouTube. Which video would you want it to be?
  6. What matters to you the most in life and what significance it has on you?
  7. What are the few things in life that actually make you happy and how do you want to describe it?
  8. The comparison between apples and oranges has been going on for life. How would you want to compare them?
  9. What is the deepest and darkest fantasy of your life?
  10. What would you hope to find when you will cross a rainbow?

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