How to Write an Introduction for a College Application Essay


Writing a college essay can be challenging and overwhelming. This guide will guide you to the important points to remember when writing an application essay.

What will college admissions administrators be looking for in my essay?

  • Test scores from the time you began college in your Freshman year.
  • Any extra-curricular activities that you may have been involved in be it academic, sports, or otherwise.
  • Recommendations from teachers, counselors, or any other school administration such as principals, deans, etc.
  • Another factor to keep in mind is that grammar is extremely important.  If grammar is not your forte, have a peer proofread it for you, to make sure the essay is grammatically correct.  It would reflect negatively on you otherwise.

  • Make sure you produce an appealing introduction.  Be honest and accurate to the kind of student you are and why you would be an adequate fit for the school in which you are applying. Boasting will not reflect on you positively, honesty will.  It is recommended that you spend most of your time writing the introduction. This is the most crucial part to your essay because it draws in the reader. (start with a compelling experience or childhood story about your career goals and such)
  • Be descriptive and bold about the statements about yourself.  Show the reader that you have passion and drive, whatever it may be that you are passionate about.
  • Use this time to explain to the reader any gaps in education, disabilities, or anything that may have limited your success at any given time.
  • Be cautious when using clichés. They most often will be ignored, or simply bore the reader.
  • The thesaurus can be your enemy. Watch out for overuse. It comes off as obvious and unoriginal and sometimes simply does not make any sense!
  • Show originality and personality in your storytelling. The reader will be more intrigued by the real you.

Make sure that you eliminate yourself from distractions and allow yourself an adequate amount of time to produce the perfect essay. Take frequent breaks, don’t overdo it, and let the words flow naturally. Also allow other peers and teachers to proofread your work to check for anything you might have missed during your own editing and proofreading processes.  Most importantly, take a deep breath, be yourself, and your uniqueness and bright personality will shine above all of the rest.

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