Describing skills and experiences in the application essay

Skills and experiences mentioned in an application essay is important evidence that can work for you. You are stating why you want a school to accept you into their program or establishment. You need to provide proof as to why you are worthy and how the school will help you meet future goals. How you describe skills and experience will have an impact on how the application committee views you as a potential student. You want to be honest about your abilities and take your time thinking about how to word this as you write your application essay.

  • Stay Focused on What You Know that Pertains to Program You Are Applying For
  • This alone has set students up for failure when they do not do it! You need to stay focus on the subject matter and provide information that is evidence showing your capabilities. Think about reasons why you are applying to the school. What should the school know about your skills and experience that will make it clear you are focused and a good fit? What does the program require and how do you meet these requirements?

  • State Facts Related to Skills and Experiences to Help Prove Your Abilities
  • Don’t stretch the truth about your abilities. Be honest with your intentions. Think about things you have done in the past that make you qualified. What skills and experiences have you obtained that will help the school know you are a match for what they are looking for? Be careful on how you word your skills and experiences. Some writing experts may suggest you use a certain tone and avoid certain words. This can be crucial because you need to be able to stand out from other students. Your content should be unique and compelling.

  • Get Opinions from Others that Can Relate When Wording Content
  • As you write your application essay you may want to get a second and third opinion from people you know. This can give you more perspective on how your written content will come across to the approval committee. Ask people you know to pay attention to written content related to your skills and experience. They may provide insight on what you should include if they know you do something well. Such opinions may help you create a good rough draft that will be easy to turn into your final essay for submission.

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