How to choose a topic for a personal essay: 4 tips to follow

Personal narratives share all sorts of life experiences including the most vicarious ones with their readers across the world. It is their endeavour to make the reader engrossed in their reading making them familiarize in an interesting manner with what they have experienced in their life.

The most influential way of making your personal essay interesting is by improving your narrative style of writing. Once you are done with one piece of autobiography or memoir, you can equip yourself with the rules of writing style at your finger tips.

  • Events that transformed your life: Personal essays can be best written on basis of events that transformed your life. It can be a realization, any childhood memory, a small incident or any type of circumstances. Not necessarily, it has to be a huge event but it can be some consequences or a part of your lesson learnt in life. Many a time one simple thought or circumstance can make you step towards poetic eloquence. The only thing that is required is effective communication on the part of narrator and emerging as a narrative thinker.
  • Check your self knowledge: Before pursuing on path of writing any personal essay, see if you are well aware of its writing terminologies. It can be subject or knowledge specific. Vocabulary words and their meanings should be used according to the maturity level of your targeted audience.
  • Jot down significant features that you will describe in your piece of personal essay: This part will assist you in getting an idea in quantitative and qualitative terms. Before you begin your writing, think for the flow of thoughts that start streaming in your mind. This way you will be successful in elaborating your points with minute details. Begin your journey of writing with a flashback mode as it is one of the most effective tools.
  • Embark on your story with a strong and attractive flow of words. Give it an emotional touch and start something like- For me; it was a tight belt across my chest. Categorize your content into beginning, middle and the final body and develop an understanding with the thought process of the reader. Finally, at the end derive a conclusion too. An impressive dialogue delivery with usage of metaphors and similes serves the purpose well. Additionally, use active voice instead of passive voice. Ensure that your story stays real and is devoid of any fabrications. Monitor yourself for the clarity of thought process and other sensory details taste, feelings etc. Employ high vocabulary words to continue your journey.

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