10 super advice on how to write a scholarship application essay

If you are facing the problem of not being able to afford your college or university tuition, there is one way for you except for taking on a debt. A lot of the universities and institutions in the USA offer scholarships to outstanding students that over not only the fees, but also accommodation. You can always try your luck and skills and apply for several scholarships, available in your area.

What shall my application include?

The documents you will need to include in your application differ from program to program. Most of them will ask you to hand in the copy of your diploma, taken exams, grades and so on. While you are still in school, participate is as many extracurricular activities as possible, it will add extra points to your application. The main part of your application will most likely be an admission essay or a motivation letter. The following tips are designed to help you cope with this part.

How to write your application essay for a scholarship correctly?

  • Start on your application paper as soon as possible. You may need some time gathering your thoughts.
  • Pay attention to the instructions. If you miss some points or include too much extra information, your essay will be not good enough.
  • Select the topic wisely and form your thoughts in an outline. It will help you to track and structure what you want to say.
  • Make sure your outline corresponds with the requirements. At this step it is still easy to make changes, use the possibility.
  • Expand each point of the outline. Stick to it; do not step away too far. Your thoughts will flow smoothly and your essay will be easy to read.
  • Make sure your language is clear. Do not use long words that are hard to understand just to show how broad your vocabulary is.
  • Do not brag about yourself. Of course, you need to show your good qualities and accomplishments, but you cannot talk only about yourself.
  • Check the grammar and spelling. Do not let such easy things spoil the impression of you by the judges.
  • Re-read the requirements and your paper one more time to make sure you have covered everything correctly.
  • Ask your friend or relative to proofread your essay as if there were the committee. Ask them to be honest and correct the mistakes they found.

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